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You are in the online environment of the BOOST YOUR IMPACT program.
With this program, you will learn everything about increasing your personal impact and influence.

Every week you will receive new tools with which you can start immediately and that you can use practically at work and at home.  

Have fun and enjoy your journey!

Boost Your Impact consists of 3 modules:

How do you proceed?

The program has been build up from an integral framework. In every lesson we take 4 levels into account: spiritual (your values and purpose), mental (beliefs and thoughts), emotional (feelings and emotions) and physical (the body) . Don't worry, the program will not be 'too soft' 😉 However, it will challenge you, too broaden your awareness on all 4 levels.

Online lessons
A new lesson becomes available every week. You can work on the lessons at your own pace. To stay in the flow, you can plan time every week to work on it. I can advise you to follow the lessons in the given order, because the training builds up in a logical way. We start with you, your dreams, goals and plans, how you view the world and what patterns and habits you have. Then we will look at how you can increase your impact on the other, and in the last part we will focus on how to influence a group.

Interaction structure
Next to the weekly online lessons, we will have interaction moments individually and with the group. The meetings are designed to deepen your understanding of the lessons and they will give you a practical experience in applying the tools.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Modules